Yumoto Orthopaedic Clinic (JP HOME) is the Originator of
  Percutaneous Trigger Finger Release Surgery with Guided Knife
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Main subjects of this website are...
1. Introduction of Guided Knife.
Guided Knife has realized very safe Trigger Finger Surgery with only 2mm skin incision. Post operative recovery is very quick, patients can wash hands the next day of surgery.

2. Trigger Finger Release technique with Guided Knife (GK-PTFR).
Hand surgeons as well as patients can learn this special surgical technique.

3. All videos have been shot at Yumoto Orthopaedic Clinic.
Included are GK-PTFR of all 5 fingers, De Quervain's Surgery and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome to demonstrate the handling of Guided Knife.

4. Overview of Trigger Finger Release Surgeries.
Trigger Finger Release Surgeries have been categorized by surgical instruments used to devide the A1 pulley..

5. Location of Yumoto Orthopaedic Clinic & others

[Aim of this website]
This website is intended not only for medical personnel but also any individual who has interest in trigger finger treatments. Please skip any article or description which is not of your interest.

[about Japanese Homepage]
English home page is a kind of excerpt from Japanese Homepage, whichi will help you learn more about trigger finger mechanism and treatment.